Saturday, 26 November 2016

Ready To Take Off—The Honeypot of a Poet (Short Stories) by Elliott Moglica

Canada: I'm delighted my work The Honeypot of a Poet (short stories) will see the light on November 29, 2016 via (Editor: Mark F Jones).

The Honeypot of a Poet (short stories) by Elliott Moglica, Nov. 2016.
(Editor: Mark F Jones).
This work of fiction in light of today’s reality includes twenty-six short stories, evenly balanced, with thirteen short stories and thirteen flash short stories. A protonic poem opens this work in the Prologue. The body of this collection contains stories ranging through allegory, slice-of-life, six-word, variations in length and point of view, embedded stories and poems, and—for the first time—graft-of-tree. Each story—like a painting that can be appreciated differently—communicates a direct or indirect message to the world. A protonic poem closes the book in Epilogue.

The author includes four poems with the idea of enriching writing by mixing genres. The stories were composed between 2006 and 2016 in Canada and the United Kingdom. Their settings take place on Earth between 1976 and 2016, but one of them involves travel to some unknown time and planet. Within this work the reader will find two graft-of-tree short stories—a new form of storytelling invented by the author. 

Also, within this book the reader will find one short story and a sonnet on Michel Charles-Émile Trudeau, who died in an avalanche on November 13, 1998. He was the youngest son of the 15th Canadian Prime Minister of Canada, The Rt Hon. Pierre Elliott Trudeau and the younger brother of the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, The Rt Hon. Justin Trudeau.

The motivation behind this work is my deep desire to make the world a better place.

Dedication: For my Great-Grandfather, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother and Niece—five Tremendous Teachers, from five generations of teachers in my blood, to whom I dedicate this book, for inspiring me as you have proudly passed down the teaching torch for 140 years, from one generation of The Moglica Family to the next, since 1876.