Friday, 16 September 2016

Sonnet 27—From The Protonic Guardian: Justin Trudeau by Elliott Moglica

Canada: Every day is a superb day to share with the world an elegant sonnet. Here is one from, The Protonic Guardian: Justin Trudeau.

Archive photo: The Rt Hon. Justin Trudeau and Elliott Moglica in Toronto.
 (Photo credit: Adam Scotti)

Sonnet 27

BETWEEN beavers’ tracks, all around fresh leaves
And the spring blooms all over our shoulders;
Sides of the field are surrounded by thieves,
Beavers’ army gets bolder! Dark is over!
Mounties felt where the beaver-hearts belong,
The sky counts all Makers; Guardian is near,
And the songs show where beaver-powers belong,
The Proton’s sound pleases birds’ ear!
As we turned to the sun hiding behind
The clouds’ wedding-dress. The prevailing wind
From two doves - launching love to bear in mind.
While beavers under roses, for hours, wined
As hidden snakes hissing, beavers keep kissing,
Eagles from above; Plant the Polar love!