Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Poet's Vision: Unite vs. Divide -- Via Epic Poetry "The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau"


  • Unite vs. Divide
  • Human rights and dignity for all vs. Human rights and dignity for the few
Epic poetry, The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau by Elliott Moglica

Productivity/Poetry: As a poet, I will go on to utilize the aesthetic world in uniting the people and promoting human rights and dignity for all. Within the beautiful field of creativity, I will never stop to make a significant contribution to the enrichment of knowledge. And, that's why I wrote The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau. I care.

Innovation: As a poet, I will proceed to apply my expertise to bring new perspectives how to unify the people and continue to bear up for human rights and dignity for all. Within The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau I propose a new solution - to unite the people of Canada via political 'makers' as is Justin Trudeau & continue to promote human rights and dignity for all.

Motivation & Communication: Using my motivation and creativity, I am dedicated to stimulating interdisciplinary dialogue to fuel thinking process for changing poisoning global politics via a positive Canadian politics. With my poetic pen, I will continue to speak up the truth - even when "certain political crocodiles swallow me." I am not scared to communicate with the people via my pen and passion for true equality for all. From Toronto to Niagara Falls, from Niagara Falls to Halifax, from Halifax to Ottawa, and much more - I continue public interactions to pass around "The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau." Talk to me in person at Indigo/Chapters Rideau, in Ottawa, July 5, 2014, Noon - 04:00 PM. You may click here for the link of the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/322802417867429/

Project: My next project is an international involvement in the area of poetry and politics that would draw on the richness of the human rights and dignity for all. With my critical pen - I will participate in numerous International Book Fairs, starting with the Toronto International Book Fair (Nov. 13 - 16, 2014). I shall keep you updated!

'Pasqyra Shqiptare' News - Toronto: Poet Moglica's Spotlight at Indigo Bay & Bloor

Public autographs by poet Elliott Moglica, April 5, 2014, at Indigo Bay & Bloor, in Toronto -- regarding the epic poetry The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau.