Saturday, 8 February 2014

Book - "The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau" by Elliott Moglica

Press Release: Today, this birthday, I am immensely pleased to announce that my new book 'The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau' just left the "Poet's Honeypot".

This title will be released to the public on March 01, 2014, at noon, and will be for sale via: AMAZON.CA. Stay tuned!


“Speak to me, oh sun, of The Proton Man's voyage, virtues, justice and courage: As our maple ship's hope is in his hands.” That's how begins, 'The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau,' Elliott Moglica's multi types narrative poem. And continues, “I have seen the laser politician, bows, grows and fights for our rights and freedoms: Gears as an automatic transmission.” This book is the first epic poem attributed to Justin Trudeau: the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada – re-freshening up the Canadian politics.

'The Proton Man' is divided into four cantos: “Canto I - Justin Energy”, “Canto II- The Hellishness of Right Progress to a Ruler”, “Canto III - The Hellishness of Left Progress to Nowhere”, and “Canto IV - The Proton Man: Justin Trudeau.” This multi-style poem of 1215 lines of verses elaborated from a classical style to a modern style of writing poetry. Mostly, it's written in dactylic hexameter. It incorporates (for the first time) Liberal epic, and develops through 18 sonnets, 9 haikus, 7 quatrains, 4 tankas, 4 ballads, 2 lyrics, 1 'ottava rima', 1 decastich, 1 freeverse, a prologue plus elegy and epilogue. It is the case for modern poets who tend to avoid the epic style poetry of the past.

This poem deals with three kinds of people “Of Sinners of the Right”, “Of Sinners of the Left”, and “Of Positive People of the Centre”. It touches the past because of the chain between generations, it deals with the present because it is based upon reality, and it touches the future because all of us hope for a happy and prosperous life. It takes place in Canada, in our own time, and the main persona of this poem is Justin Trudeau: the aspiring soul of an extraordinary Canadian teacher, parliamentarian and leader.

This artistic book presents poet Elliott Moglica's involvement in the “political movement for positive changes” through four circles: “The Middle Circle: The Hearts – The Magnet of 'Team Justin'”, “Half circle: The Far Right – The Egocentric Political Neutrons”, “Half circle: The Far Left – The Freeload Neutrons”, and “Middle circle: The Mass Together – With the Proton Man, Forever!”. “Sailing between the crocodiles, / windstorm turns to sunny! / The army of beavers did stand, / water turns to honey!” is Elliott's tense by closing the book with a ballad.

(The book is proofread by: Charles Voth)

  • Seven illustrations in this volume are reproduced from the original drawings by the author;
  • Introduction, Prologue, Elegy, Epilogue, Notes, Index of First Lines, Glossary of Poetry Terms;
  • A Motivational Story from "Poet's Pot"; 
  • Black text (Type: Garamond Pro; Size: 12); 
  • Total 154 pages (3 pages in color): from p. i-xxii & p. 1-132; 
  • When you read it - you can see, hear, feel, and touch; 
  • Cool feeling to see & touch the book! Perfect for gifts! 
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Imitation Leather Books
  • ISBN: 978-0-9868069-3-3
  • Bound on all hardcover, black imitation leather with gold foil stamping (prepared on metal die)
  • Printed on the finest quality Classic Laid Ivory paper (75lbs)
  • Price Cdn$ 45. (This book will be sold without any profit, since the expenses are higher than the price)

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  • ISBN: 978-0-9868069-4-0
  • Boud on 100lbs linen, black cardstock and printed UV
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