Saturday, 26 December 2015

Grateful to the University of Cambridge - for Making My Pen a Powerful Rocket

As a former student at the University of Cambridge, I wish to thank all of them who have contributed to the perfection of my pen.

Also, I couldn't have had more fortunate places to be inspired whilst drafting most of my last book, The Protonic Guardian: Justin Trudeau. One million thanks go to the University of Cambridge in the UK: Madingley Hall, King's College, University Library and the English Faculty Library.

In addition, I must thank the poetical-birds, the shaved-grass, and the giant-trees at Madingley Hall as well as the gardeners, the silent rocks, the gardens, the cows and the birds at King's College, at the University of Cambridge, for making me smile whilst I was chilling out before or after writing the major parts of this work.

Therefore, I'm grateful to the University of Cambridge - especially all my tutors - for making my pen a powerful rocket. 
Elliott Moglica, the University of Cambridge, England.

TESL Ontaro: "What inspires Elliott Moglica to be an educator?"

November 13, 2015: Elliott Moglica attended the TESL Ontario Annual Conference in Toronto, Ontario. TESL Ontario asked the poet, "What inspires you to be an educator?" Here is the answer: