Saturday, 7 November 2015

This Autumn: Moglica Will Attend a Poetry Reading at Niagara College Canada

From one reading to the next: As a happy Canadian poet, Elliott has been giving free poetry readings to draw Canadians' attention to the power of poetry.

This autumn, Elliott is delighted to return to Niagara College Canada, not as a student but as a poet. He shall be reading from his ballad, The Protonic Guardian: Justin Trudeau.

Moglica: "I will never stop encouraging my fellow Canadians to write 'protonic' poetry. We shall never forget the importance of promoting Canadian literature and culture. Writing and reading poetry is as a powerful symphony of changing the world. Invite me!"

Elliott Moglica, NC Alumni.
(Photo) At Niagara College Canada, Welland, Ontario, 2007.
Elliott Moglica, a happy Canadian poet.
(Photo) In Toronto, Ontario, October 31, 2015.