Monday, 7 February 2011

Book: "Brenga e Mërgimit"// "The Cross of Emigration" by Elliott Moglica

On February 08, 2011, Geer Publishing House published Elliott Moglica's poetical volume "Brenga e Mërgimit"// "The Cross of Emigration" - in Tirana, Albania.

Whereas, this book was written in 2002-2007 years; it is in Albanian language; and has appeared in a classical hardcover. It's showing a wide interest in Albania and furthermore.

This book has been publicized by numerous electronic and written medium, such are: TV ALSAT, TV PLANET, Radio Tirana, Gazeta Telegraf, Gazeta "Rruga e Arbërit" and much more. Already, the book has been commented by numerous professional journalists in Albania, such are Sakip Cami, Albert Zholi, who have received copies of the books first.

Later, a book review has been written by publicist Sakip Cami and published by "Rruga e Arbërit" newspaper on February 2011, at page 9.

The book is for sale on AMAZON.CA and can be purchased via this link: Brenga e mërgimit.

Thank you!